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Batsheva Lubin is a creative director and graphic designer with 15+ years experience, graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art & Design with Design Achievement Award, Academic Achievement Award and winner of the Boston Book Builders Scholarship.

Her professional experience includes working for top design companies in Boston, MA
(Fitch Design; Stoltze Design) after graduating from college and then gravitating towards working with change driven organizations. For the last 15 years, Batsheva has worked with best selling author and teacher Simon Jacobson, founder of the Meaningful Life Center as an in-house senior graphic designer and more recently as a creative director and content editor. In addition to working as an in-house designer for MLC, Batsheva has been running Studio Beis Design, a small home grown freelance design agency.

The most exciting part of Batsheva's work is that it's meaningful.  The people she has worked with are change makers, whether on a personal or a global scale, and are idealistic and driven to make an impact on the world. Batsheva sees beauty and design everywhere around her.  It inspires her and reflects in her work. The most important aspect of her creative process is being able to hear and perceive the client's vision for their business, organization or product and help visualize and bring it to life.

Batsheva lives with her husband and 5 (lively) children in Providence, Rhode Island.